5 Reasons your Website isn’t ranking High on Google
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Are you wondering why your website isn’t ranking higher on Google than your competitors? We’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why this might be happening.


 Reason #1 – Long Loading Times

One of the key factors for getting your website to rank higher is ensuring that your website is fast. This is one of Google’s primary concerns when its crawlers are crawling through your website. As well as that, research done by Google has shown that 53% of mobile users leave a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Google PageSpeed Insights is a great tool for finding out how fast your website is.

Reason #2 – Outdated Design

In today’s world, your website must look contemporary to keep your users’ attention and give more trust to the user. After all, you’re more likely to trust a website with a modern design than one which looks outdated and old. If your website looks like it was built in another era, it’s time for a makeover.

Reason #3 – Your Website isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile-friendly website is truly a deciding factor to whether your website has the ability to rank high on Google in 2021. This year in particular Google has made it one of it’s sole focuses when ranking websites. If your website is not mobile-friendly it will not rank!

Reason #4 – Your Website doesn’t have On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is important for ranking high on search engines. This involves making sure keywords are in your content and making sure Google understands what your webpage is about. If this isn’t done properly you will find it exetremely hard to rank for any keyword unless you have amazing domain authority which brings us on to our next point.

Reason #5 – Your Website has poor Domain Authority

Domain authority is important for any website. While this isn’t as important as other SEO factors this can help boost your ranking on Google.  Sometimes websites with high domain authority can often rank higher than other websites even if those other websites have better on-page SEO. There’s a lot to learn about domain authority which is why we made a blog post explaining “What is domain authority?“.

Reason #6 – Your Competition has invested more into SEO

If your competition is investing more in SEO than you are they are bound to rank higher than you. Although this doesn’t happen overnight, over time your competition will outrank you if they are investing more into SEO and you may find it hard to get your rankings back.


As well as investing more into SEO it’s important to make sure you choose the right SEO Team. Here at Ireland Online, we have an amazing team who are ready to help businesses of all sizes rank their business higher on Google. Are you ready to rank your website higher? Contact us at [email protected] or view our SEO Services in Ireland to see what we offer.



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