What is a bounce rate?
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You may have heard of a bounce rate before but you’re not quite sure what it means. In today’s post we’re going to explain what a bounce rate is and what relevance it has to your website.

What is a bounce rate?

A “bounce” is a single-page session on your website. This means that the user only viewed one page on your website and left.

Bounces are usually tracked through Google Analytics. Bounces are not always a bad thing depending on what your website is designed for and we’ll get into that later.

Is a high bounce rate a bad thing?

The truth is, it depends. For example, if your website expects users to view more than one page then yes, a high bounce rate is a bad thing. If your website does not expect users to view multiple pages per session then no, a high bounce rate is not a bad thing.

An example of a website that would expect a high bounce rate  might be a single page website or a website which offers content where single-page sessions are expected.

An example of a website that would expect a low bounce rate might be an ecommerce website which expects users to view multiple pages (IE clicking on multiple product pages).

Is a bounce rate an important stat?

Yes, your bounce rate is something you can track as it can help figure out whether your website is reaching it’s goals or not. There are also ways to lower your bounce rate and boost user interaction with your website too.

Tracking your bounce rate it important and lowering it requires the right knowledge and expertise. This is why we’d recommend hiring a Professional SEO Team to help ensure your website’s success.

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