The GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension

Finding information on businesses is something that we find ourselves doing regular basis. This can take up a lot of time depending on how organised the business is and how easy it is to find their information. This is where the GBP Audit chrome extension steps in. GMB Everywhere allows you to find all the important information on a business with ease through Google Business Profile or Google Maps. Not only that but this chrome extension is free!

What does GMB Everywhere do?

Like mentioned, the GBP Audit chrome extension gives you all the important information on a business through Google Business Profile/Google Maps. This tool simplifies work for you and saves time. We’ve enjoyed using this tool and have found it helpful due to the time it saves.

What information does it give?

The GMB Everywhere chrome extension can show information such as website, address, phone number if you’re trying to contact a business. GMB Everywhere allows you to audit and analyse businesses too. You can check a website’s page speed, website history, analyse reviews, and much more. It also shows the categories a business is using on Google Maps. This can help you decide what categories you should put your business under (hint: check out your competitors). We highly recommend you try it out yourself to have a look at what it can do. 

In addition to all this, it can save all information as a PDF for printing or other use. 

Why should I use it?

We recommend it because of how simple it makes auditing a business’s online presence. With just a few clicks you can gain all the important information on a business’s website. It does all the work. It also saves an immense amount of time. Below you can see how it appears when you search for a business on Google Maps. You click on the red buttons and you are then brought to a new tab with all the information you need.

How do I install it?

Go to GMB Everywhere on the chrome web store and click install. Now you’ve got it! Now, whenever you search for a business on google the audit buttons will appear under the business.


We’ve found this chrome extension very helpful and has saved us valuable time. Not only is the GMB Everywhere chrome extension helpful but it’s free too. If you plan to use it a lot we recommend buying the GMB Everywhere subscription for unlimited audits.

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