Facts that Prove the Importance of Customer Testimonials
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Customer testimonials are a brilliant way to build trust and credibility with customers while also greatly increasing conversions on your website. There have also been many other studies and survey results which show the impact testimonials can have on increasing conversions.

Below we have listed Facts the Prove the importance of Customer Testimonials:

Better than Analyst Reports

It has been shown that the “voice of the customer” is worth more than the opinion of an unbiased, third party analyst.

Statistics from a 2014 case study show that customer testimonials are the most effective and efficient form of content with an 89% effectiveness rating.

On top of that, a 2014 Demand Gen Report claims that 97% of B2B Buyers feel that content from other consumers like reviews are more credible than other types of content.

Significantly Contribute to Getting More Conversions

Another intriguing fact about customer testimonials is that they have a substantial impact on a customer’s purchasing decisions.

One study found that 98% of respondents thought that reading online reviews was important before purchasing a product. In fact, 19% of those same respondents thought online reviews were “extremely important” when making a decision to purchase a product. In fact, in study performed by BrightLocal they found that the average consumer spends roughly 14 minutes reading reviews before they purchase a product.

In another study completed by Power Reviews they found that expensive items that were given customer reviews saw a 380% increase in conversions, with a 190% increase in conversions for lower priced items. In that same study they found that the first five reviews have the biggest impact on increasing your conversion rate (Graph Below).

The impact product reviews have on conversion rates.

Increase CTR

One thing online marketers are now focusing on are reviews and testimonials. In a study performed by BrightLocal they found that 5-star ratings boosted search click through ratings by 28%. Furthermore, going from a 3-star to 5-star rating brought in 25% more clicks.

Better than Case Studies

In a study completed by Trust Radius, respondents said they felt reviews were more authentic and trustworthy than case studies. They also said they felt reviews were more useful for explaining the pros and cons, and verify information or claims from the seller. Additionally another study claims that 84% of people “trust online reviews as much as friends”.

reviews vs. case studies

Boost Your SEO

Reviews and client testimonials can have a massive impact on your SEO. Testimonials and reviews can be full of keywords relevant to your business  which can help boost your ranking. As well as that, it is estimated that reviews make up for 9.8% of ranking factors on Google. In conclusion, customer testimonials and reviews can be extremely important and can have a massive impact on getting more conversions for your business.

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