10 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Get a Website
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Getting a website is important and can have a massive impact on your business. But before you go and get a website from web designers it’s important you ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is the Purpose of Your Website?

The first and arguable most important question you should ask yourself is “What is the Purpose of My Website?”. If you don’t have the answer to this question it’s important you have one before getting a website. Once you know what the purpose of your website, it will help your web designer know what you might need on your website.

3. What Would Make Your Website a Success?

Once you know what the purpose of your website will be, you should know set some goals for your website. These goals can be anything however here are two goals you may want to set:

  • Number of Leads Generated
  • Number of Products Sold

It’s important to know what you consider success as you can then measure how successful your website is. This will also help you decide whether you might need to invest in SEO Specialists to help bring more traffic to your website.

3. Who is Your Target Audience?

Before getting your website made you should know what kind of audience you want to view your website. You should ask yourself questions like “What information may your visitors need?” and “How will you get your visitors to interact with your website?”. Once you know your target audience it can help you and your web designer decide how your website will be laid out.

4. How Will You Bring Your First Visitors to Your Site?

When your website launches you shouldn’t expect to receive any visitors organically. Because of this you should consider how you’re going to bring visitors when it first launches. You might need to consider investing in ads (for the short-term). If you have a social media following perhaps you should try get your followers to visit your website instead. We recommend investing in SEO for the long term as it can have much better long-term effects than ads.

5. What Will Keep Your Visitors Coming Back?

If you do plan to bring visitors back to your site this is something you should think about. Whether you decide to write a blog regularly or launch new products for your store you should have an idea as to how you might bring visitors back to your website.

6. Will There Be CTAs (Call to Actions)?

A “Call to Action” is any type of interactable content (button, link text) on your website that could create a lead or conversion. You and your web designer should plan out how many CTAs you might have on your pages and how they might be styled.

7. What Will Set You Apart From Your Competitors

If you want your website to rank higher and bring more traffic than your competitors you should assess what will make your website unique. This does not mean your website should look completely different to every other website. If you already have a USP (Unique Selling Point) for your business you may be able to just use this.

8. What Will Your Long-Term Source of Traffic Be?

In the long-term it’s important you plan out how you plan to bring traffic to your website in the long-term. We recommend investing in an SEO Agency to do SEO for you as it has the best long-term effects. You can opt to do ads however it can get more costly once you start bringing more traffic to your website compared to SEO.

9. Who Will Create Your Website’s Content?

Having fresh content on your website on a regular basis will boost your SEO and can help you achieve higher rankings. You should decide how often your content will be made (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, etc) and who will make it. As part of our Monthly SEO Packages we offer new content being made on a regular basis to ensure you’re getting the best SEO Package in Ireland.

10. What Will Your Total Budget Be?

Last but definitely not least, you should know what your total budget will be. How big or small your total budget is will decide how big your website will be and how much traffic you could bring to your website. When making a budget for your website it’s important to factor in the price of ads or SEO Packages should you choose to invest in them. We offer Web Design Packages that work with budgets of all sizes.

Once you have answered all these questions you can now know exactly how your website will function and how to make it efficient. We advise that you go over most, if not all of the questions above with your web designer so you’re both on the same page.

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